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Now taking registration for Fall Classes!


Congratulations Jazz Dolls

Advance TM modeling champion 10-12
Kylie Cates

Advanced TM strut champion 7-9
Brooke McClain

Elite TM strut champion 10-12
Kylie Cates

Advanced TM solo champion 7-9
Brooke McClain

Intermediate TM solo champion 13-15
Anita Ney

Elite TM solo champion 10-12
Brooklyn Bunish

Advanced TM freestyle champion
Brooke McClain

Advanced TM 3 baton champion
Kylie Cates

Beginner Preteen Miss TWIRL MANIA
Anisley Smith

Advanced Juvenile Miss TWIRL MANIA
Brooke McClain

Elite Preteen Miss TWIRL MANIA
Kylie Cates

TWIRL MANIA Coach of the Year
Annette Sylvester

Come Watch the Jazz Dolls Perform!


January 22nd at the Canton Charge Game located at the Canton Civic Center


January 30th at the Globetrotters Game located at the Canton Civic Center

New Locations!


Take Flight in Canal Fulton

Monday's startng January 6th

5:00 Baton

5:45 Cheer/dance

email or call (330)323-1260 to sign up!

Ohio State Champions!



2013-2014 Ohio State Champions

Advanced Juvenile Ohio State Modeling Champion

Paige Goss

Advanced Pre-teen State Modeling Champion

Kylie Cates

Advanced Junior State Modeling Champion

Skylar Bunish

Advanced 7-9 Best Appearing Champion

Paige Goss

Advanced 10-12 Best Appearing Champion

Brooklyn Bunish

Advanced 13-15 Best Appearing Champion

Emmellee Benner

Beginner 0-6 Best Appearing Champion

Kendall Anderson

Advanced Pre-teen Ohio State Strut Champion

Kylie Cates

Beginner 7-9 Ohio State Strut Champion

Gabi Resnick

Advanced Juvenile Ohio State Solo Champion

Paige Goss

Advanced Pre-teen Ohio State Solo Champion

Kylie Cates

Intermediate 13-15 Ohio State Solo Champion

Anita Ney

Beginner 7-9 Ohio State Solo Champion

Ainsley Smith

Intermediate 7-9 Ohio State Solo Champion

Gabi Resnick

Novice 13-15 Ohio State Solo Champion

Ana Tahir

Beginner 7-9 Ohio State 2-baton Champion

Brook McClain

Beginner 16+ Ohio State 2-baton Champion

Melanie Walent

Advanced 10-12 Ohio State 3-baton Champion

Kylie Cates

Beginner 16+ Ohio State 3 baton Champion

Melanie Walent

Advanced 7-9 Ohio State Show-twirl Champion

Paige Goss

National Qualifiers


Paige Goss

Brook McClain


Brooklyn Bunish

Kylie Cates

Anna White


Gina Monnot

Overall Strut Off Champion ~ Sandy Meyers Award

Kylie Cates

Jazz Dolls having a great time in Michigan City!


Congratulations Kylie Cates


Congratulations to Kylie Cates for winning the Gold Medal in Solo, Strut, Rhythmic Twirl and a Silver Medal in 2 Baton. Way to go Kylie at the World Twirling Championships held in Switzerland!!

Jazz Dolls Fun Trip to the Great Smokey Mountains Invitational